18 filmmakers, artists and practice-researchers, as well as the VRN organizers will be staying at the house, sharing ideas, collaborating, exploring new frontiers of audio-visual media, and having a great time. The house as well as the surrounding countryside will all be a stimulating and inspiring environment for conceiving, creating and setting audio-visual work.

Each day of the residency will be split between
a short morning meeting with the whole group setting out objectives for the day
individual work and group collaborations;
and a joint evening gathering with everyone, where we’ll be sharing work and ideas, and reflect on the day’s progress.

At the start of the residency, we will brainstorm together possible film and visual ideas that can be worked on during the residency – responding to opportunities and givens of the location and the creative tools and skills available – and whether possible collaborations can emerge from this.

Subsequently, we will form small teams around specific ideas, or where individuals want to work only on a project of their own, possible overlaps and collaborations on elements of the creative process can be considered.

The work resulting from the residency will be exhibited and discussed during the conference in Manchester on the 5th and 6th of September 2018.