Carlo Cubero

Carlo Cubero holds a PhD in Social Anthropology using Visual Media from the University of Manchester, where he specialised in the contemporary Caribbean and Visual Anthropology. He is currently Associate Professor of Anthropology at Tallinn University where he lectures and coordinates the Audiovisual Ethnography track in Social Anthropology.

A strand of his research has focused on developing audiovisual methods for anthropological research. He currently serves in the curating team of the Riga Pasaules Film Festival, an annual documentary film festival held in Riga. Another strand of his research concerns itself with the complexities of Caribbean island life in a para-colonial and global context. His book Caribbean Island Movements: Culebra’s Trans-insularities (Rowman and Littlefield 2017) makes a case for the concept of “transinsularism” as a means to engage productively with the contradictions that characterise Caribbean island identities. The book describes transinsular relationships within the context of anti-military grassroots activism, tourism and development policies, maritime geography, and music.